12 Unique Tattoos to Get This Friday the 13th that May Or May Not Mostly be Pizza

These are the top 12 coolest Friday the 13th tattoos to get if you’re really lacking a personality or are in need of some quirky and unique qualities. Most of these will probably be pizza, but maybe not. Probably, though. Let’s find out.

1. Smol Ghost

To let everyone know you’re a spooky bitch.

2. The Broken Heart

Because I’m sad, too.

3. Infinity

In case you didn’t come off basic enough.

4. The Cannabis Leaf Tattoo

“Yes! Hello, weed! I do weed, too! Heck yeah, I’m special!”

5. Some Meme That You Don’t Realize Is Already Dead

To let everyone know you’re a fucking idiot and have no sense of a meme’s lifespan.

6. The Drippy Pizza

“Ha! Yeah, dude, I used to drink, like, four monsters a day in eighth grade and also smoked weed. XD”

7. Pizza-finity

For those whose love for pizza is 5ever (more than 4ever).

8. The Classic Weed Pizza

Because just weed or just pizza was not enough to show how much you truly love weed and pizza TOGETHER.

9. Pop Culture Reference Ruined By Pizza

‘Cause pizza and music, dude! I love Nightwing.

10. Death Himself Wielding A Pizza Scythe

Okay, honestly, Death goals, though…

11. Pizza As A Symbol of Sacrifice

Jesus died on the pizza for our seasonings.

12. Illumi-pizza

Pizza is everything. All that controls time and space, love and death… Pizza can see into your mind… Pizza can see into your soul…