5 Things You’re Actually Not Going To Achieve This Spring Break

Every year Spring Break comes around, and every year we all plan to do things that we don’t have time for during the regular semester. Here are five things you’re not actually going to get done this break, no matter how much you say you will.

1. Cleaning your room: All of that time you wasted watching Marie Kondo on Netflix isn’t going to make you start cleaning, no matter how many times you’ve planned to.

2. Going to the beach: Between none of your friends inviting you and sleeping until 2 p.m., let’s face it, you’re doomed to continue being pale and pasty because you’re never making it to the beach.

3. Getting ahead on this semester’s readings: Come on, you don’t even read the chapters when you’re supposed to.

4. Going to the gym: LOL.

5. Replying to that text your grandma sent you last week: Your poor gram-gram may be waiting until summer break for that response.