7 Babies Who Will Fail Their Finals This Week

They may have been studying, but these seven babies have no chance of passing their exams this week.

1. Isabelle


If you were taking a class on how to be cute, you may have passed, Isabelle. But if you were to perform CPR on a human, they would die.


2. Liam


God damn it, Liam, placing bowls on your head is no way to pass an Astrology exam.


3. Mason


You can’t fool us, Mason. Even people with eidetic memories can’t process Feminist essays that quickly.


4. Sophia


At least Sophia has the basic moves down for her Dance final. Too bad her form reflects zero of what she was taught all semester.


5. Little Ricky


Little Ricky here thought he could get away from Biochem by inserting himself into a Baby ATM. We don’t know exactly what happened after this, but he certainly won’t be present for his final.


6. Alexander


Get it together, Alexander. If you still haven’t passed the self-recognition stage, how do you expect to pass your Existentialism final?


7. Ethan


Ethan knows he’s going to fail, but he owns it. Ethan is going to go far.