7 Ways To Get A Boo This Halloween

Terrified of being alone this Halloween? Halloween is quickly approaching and everyone is looking for a boo to face late night paper frights and haunting existential dread with! Here are seven way to get a boo by the 31st, so that you’re not spooked by how lonely you are this fall.


1. The Charlie-Charlie game. This hot date will only answer your questions with a yes or no. He only communicates through pencil movements on a piece of paper, nonetheless, the boo you summon will surely keep you on your toes.


2. Have a séance: Romantic, intimate, AND candlelit? Sign me up. If you’re not into the whole idea of group intimacy, this might not be for you. Get a group of your closest ghouls (must be divisible by three), choose your medium of communication and set the date for your group to meet the boo you’ve all dreamed of.


3. Ouija board: Have your boo spell out their love for you using an alphabet board. Use yes or no for mild questions, and a planchet for juicy details. You’ll be at the edge of your seat as the planchet takes its sweet time visiting each individual letter. Take sexting to the next level with your boo and whip out the Ouija next time you want to spice things up.


4. Bloody Mary. She won’t be catcalled. This boss babe decapitated several men and women who crossed her. She is a spicy one. Call out her name three times in front of a dark, candlelit bathroom mirror, and your boo will surely join you. Be careful, though. She is a bit touchy! 


5. EVP session: There isn’t anything your boo wants more than to know you’re listening to them. This Halloween at 3 a.m. make sure you’re in a hot spot for boos, like a cemetery, and start an Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) session. Let your boo tell you all about their past life. Be patient, sometimes your date can be shy and take a little while to warm up!


6. Live exorcism: Increase your chances of finding a date by watching a live exorcism. Where else are you going to find a vulnerable, recently separated boo? The newly freed spirit should easily latch onto you if you’re willing to watch an exorcism to get a boo, desperation reeks! Lucky for you, vulnerable spirits love needy, sad, and lonely ones.


7. Just ask that cutie what their Halloween plans are already, you big baby: Quit beating around the bush. Trying to talk to your boo through boards and candles might work, but the best way to show someone you care this Halloween is by asking them yourself. If they ghost you, reread suggestions 1 through 6.