Mattie Ralston
Graduated White Girl

Mattie has finished her college degree and was our secret Disney intern for one semester. She is still known for her awkward presence at Hoot meetings, but it’s now welcomed. Since graduating she has spent her time teaching Math to ten year olds and Hosting the Boomers. Check out her prolific tweets: @mattiejane_005

Jacob Domosh
Gandalf the Jewish

Jacob is an alcohol powered automaton created by Leonardo Davinci to figure out what Literary Genre is the best, hence his studying of Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature. Jacob is now a graduate student and Graduate Teaching Assistant at FAU having already received his BA in English from FAU in December 2019. He can often be found mumbling about Dragons and Elves and shit to anyone who will listen.



Annabelle Graves
Actual Fetus

Annabelle Graves is a self proclaimed  “trendy teen” and plans to be an Education Major. Many speculate she’s twelve and she often claims she is completely over her emo phase although she can often be found in distant alleys jamming to My Chemical Romance.

Rachel Martin
Health Goth

Triple Virgo Rachel Martin, writer/graphic designer for The Hoot, is the textbook example of someone who is living their high school years during college. After dissociating for nearly a decade, they have found themselves taking a liking in high bass avant-pop and mean ASMR. They aspire to do at least one push up and to eventually have their existence validated.

Nathaniel Parker
Kanye West Enthusiast

Nate (the great) is an English major at FAU. He likes to write short stories, screenplays, and love letters to Kanye West. His idols are Kanye West, Yeezus, Ye, and Barbra Streisand. When he’s not writing actual shit for The Hoot, he occasionally tweets actual shit @datoneblackdude

Cristina Argüelles
Female Himbo

Cristina blacked out in the Dominican Republic at some point in 2008; when she came to, she realized she was now a multimedia studies major at FAU. Her favorite pastime is buying all the supplies needed to start a hobby and promptly ditching said hobby after two days. You can find her around campus correcting people on the spelling of her first and last name.

Laura Gomez
Weeb Wannabe

Considered as fresh meat in the world of anime, this Graphic Designer has completely sold her soul to the non-existing characters on her computer screen. Apart from devoting herself to mastering the skill of reading subtitles & simping over 2D men, she enjoys working on her art business and staying up until 4am watching tiktoks. Needless to say, she’s your go-to gal when you need your energy to be matched. Everyone needs a Laura in their life.

Kat Grosek
Retired from Sad New Career in Satire

Kat is The Hoot resident Slavic mail order bride, delivered to our meeting room in a tall package with holes poked in the top. When she is not being docile and politely cleaning messes with full makeup on she is attempting to obtain an anthropology degree. Once that dream dies she plans to haunt the meeting room as an apparition with full makeup on. Catch her trying desperately to sell her iclicker at @katppucino. Please.