An Open Letter To The Assholes Who Keep Taking All The Good Classes

Dear Assholes,

I hate you. There are too many classes that I wish I could be taking instead of these shitstorms. I put so much research into finding the right class at the right time, all the while scouring RateMyProfessors to find those good professors. Yet you assholes just gotta go and take those courses away from me, after all the time I spent planning. At this point, all I’m trying to do is complete these goddamn credit hours so I can graduate in a timely fashion, but no. You idiots, who probably aren’t even involved in my major, keep filling up every class I need to take. All of the online classes are booked, hell, half the time I can’t even take those fucking 8:30 a.m. classes because of you troglodytes. Then, when I do find a class that’s open, it’s in Davie. Where the hell even is that? At this rate, I’ll be putting a cap in my head before I even get a chance to take my Capstone. So look here, you little shit stains, you better let me enroll in the classes I need or you’ll get rolled over.