An Open Letter To The People Making Macaroni And Cheese In The Library

It’s hard to not hear you guys when I’m sitting in between the bookshelves on the third floor. If you’re going to make macaroni and cheese that loudly, could you at least share? Everyone else that hears you seems to get so disgusted that you won’t share with the rest of us that they just walk away. You guys sound so frustrated with all those groaning noises, maybe you should let the rest of us come help. I mean, it can’t be easy making all that macaroni and cheese by yourselves.

I was also curious as to what kind of event this was. Usually, when you guys make macaroni and cheese, I can also smell some sort of salmon being prepared. Fish with mac ‘n’ cheese doesn’t sound like the greatest combination, but hey, I’m not one to judge. So if this is some sort of potluck, should I be bringing my own dishes to as well? I don’t want to be rude.

One last thing. Where is the potluck being held? Unfortunately, whenever I go in search of the macaroni and cheese you guys are making, all I find are people having sex. Please let me know where the macaroni and cheese is being prepared.