An Open Letter To The Professor Who Won’t Raise My 71 To An A

To my incredibly stubborn professor,

I’m honestly not sure why you won’t just raise my grade a little bit. You announced at the beginning of the semester that if we were close to the next letter grade you might bump up our grade if we asked. I don’t know what you define as “close to the next letter grade”, but I’m pretty sure a 71% is as close as you can get to an A. 

I mean seriously, come on. It’s not like a 71% is so far from a 90%. Just a couple extra percent up and we’d be good! I honestly don’t get what the issue is. You’ve raised the grades of people who had an 89%, so mine isn’t too far off. Just another 10% or so. Honestly, it’s a pretty negligible difference. Quite often I find myself mixing up 71 and 90 because they’re just so darn similar. Surely you do the same?

I’ve tried to be civil when asking for this small grade boost but, quite frankly, it feels like you just don’t care about me and my grade. I’ve given this class my all, or at least 71% of it. Which is basically 90%. Which is what my grade should be. Doesn’t that make sense? If this doesn’t work out I might choose “Very Good” instead of “Excellent” during your SPOT review, so make your next move carefully.


A student who deserves better.