Breaking: Night Owls Picks Up Student

Last night at 11:57 P.M., FAU students gathered to get photographic evidence of Kimmy Davis, a normal student, riding in the passenger seat of a Night Owls golf cart. Night Owls has become notoriously known for their abundance of empty golf carts, and the last recorded instance of one picking a student up occurred in 1996. “I’m not really sure how it happened,” said a refreshed Davis. “One moment I was walking back to IVA, readying my pepper spray, when suddenly someone appeared on a golf cart asking if I wanted to make use of the university’s safety resources that I’m already paying for.” The event generated such a large amount of buzz that 20th Century Fox has already purchased the movie rights and has fast-tracked the film to release in Summer 2018. With this newfound publicity, Night Owls has been flooded with calls and has decided to completely disconnect their phone lines altogether. They have directed all students who want a ride to dial (555) 555-5555.