Commuter Can’t Tell If Person Is Leaving Or Has Just Parked

Coming face to face with a pair of glaring red tail lights foretelling an uncertain future, FAU commuter student Claire Donovan’s search for campus parking came to a literal standstill Wednesday when she was unable to ascertain if the idling Honda Accord in Garage II was preparing to leave or had just parked. Having reportedly spent nearly twenty minutes scouring the full garage, the unsuccessful junior was prepared to forfeit her efforts entirely until she encountered the running Accord near the fourth floor elevator. “Now we wait,” said an undeterred Donovan, putting her Toyota Camry in park and her right turn signal on to alert the growing line of honking vehicles behind her. “I feel like they just parked because I’ve passed by here a few times already and I don’t remember seeing that car, but I think I’ll go glass half full on this one and say that they’re leaving. I swear to God, though, this better not be like last week where I hopelessly sat waiting for a car to back out before realizing that the jackass behind the wheel was taking a nap.” At press time, witnesses on the scene reported that the driver of the Accord had begun to reverse out of the parking space before quickly pulling back in to adjust themselves within the lines.