Commuter Student Wakes 2 Minutes Later Than Usual, Stays Home

Commuter student Irma Latite decided to stay home Monday morning and skip class for the third time this week after missing her alarm by two minutes. “I haven’t been to class all semester,” said Latite, whose Math for Liberal Arts textbook was in use as a makeshift doorstop. “Do the maths: First, I take 45 minutes to get ready. Then, my commute takes 10 minutes. Without those extra two minutes that I slept through, that only leaves me 8 minutes to drive to class, which means it will be impossible to ever get there. My motto? ‘Miss the clock, no lecture block.’” Latite was not going to let this interfere with her productivity, though. “I needed to finish building my Sims 4 mega-mansion anyways. What do I look like? Some kind of slacker?”