Courageous Student Laughs at Professor’s Terrible Joke

On Wednesday morning, during an exceptionally dull geology lecture pertaining to the subject of rock classification, Professor Benestad attempted to lighten the atmosphere by trying his hand at a bit of jolly humor. Once a sly smirk began to brim on the professor’s face, even the half-conscious students in the class could sense the calamity that was about to occur. Before anyone could make a dash for the exit, Professor Benestad confidently voiced, “Come on now, geology is important; don’t take it for granite.”

Once the lame jest was delivered, an unsettling tension took hold as the professor watchfully scanned his sea of students, searching for at least one to reciprocate his amusement. Just as all hope seemed lost, brave junior Ryan Hunt heroically coughed a dry chuckle. “It took everything,” Hunt recounted. “I might have given myself a hernia doing it, but if not me, then who?”

Following Hunt’s act of courage, an explosive sigh of relief immediately resonated throughout the classroom. “Thank God for Ryan,” sophomore Rebecca Metz stated. “If I had cringed any harder, somebody would have had to call an ambulance.”

Hunt’s bravery was not only noticed by his peers — Professor Benestad even gave Hunt a subtle nod of appreciation for his efforts. “I just hope nobody forgets what I did that day,” Hunt declared. “Especially the professor, when he’s rounding percentages at the end of the semester.”