Déjà vu! Student Sitting Alone Reminisces About Sitting Alone Three Days Ago

Upon entering the Atlantic Dining Hall on Friday, FAU freshman Daniel Murphy decided that he would eat his meal alone. After finding a table to himself in the far back corner of the room, a sense of vigorous familiarity overtook Murphy, as distinct memories of sitting alone from three days prior came streaming back to him. “I was sitting in the same seat as I am now!” a gleeful Murphy exclaimed, while consuming a plate of what was supposedly fish. “Although, I did decide to be a little audacious this time around and not order the pizza like I usually do. Between you and me, the pizza here kind of tastes like cardboard, but it’s okay because I know that they’re trying their best.” When asked whether he ever feels self-conscious about sitting alone, Murphy stated that “here at FAU, nobody is ever truly alone.” At press time, Murphy was seen deliberating whether he’d purchase a ticket for one to see a matinee of Sophie and the Rising Sun at the Living Room Theaters, or just go back to his dorm to take a nap.