Drugs and Society Student Tries Heroin for Extra Credit

FAU freshman Jack Bianchi tried to receive extra credit for his Drugs and Society class by shooting up heroin. After being offered an extra credit report on any topic related to the course material, Bianchi was ready to research the effects of heroin. The goal was to try out the opioid crisis for himself, write a report, and receive extra credit on his next exam.

“It’s just for some extra credit,” said Bianchi, “What’s the worst that could happen, right? Next thing I knew I was selling ass on the corner of Dixie and Glades for a little extra.”

Reese Hill, a friend of Bianchi, expressed the devastating effects this extra credit has had on Bianchi’s life. “It’s horrible seeing the devastation this has caused in my friend’s life and the lives of many across the country,” said Hill. “Thousands of young people are throwing their livelihoods and potential to the gutter because of this serious problem we refuse to talk about in this country. Once you have a taste of it, you do anything to get more. It’s time we have a national conversation about the effects of extra credit.”

Bianchi will be going to a twelve-step rehabilitation center that focuses on receiving full credit on other assignments, so he does not relapse and ask for more extra credit.