Edgy Freshman Wears FSU Hoodie

On Monday morning, daring FAU Freshman Eddie Huntington was spotted wearing a Florida State University hoodie while walking down the Breezeway. According to witnesses at the scene, the brave geology major took large strides and exuberated confidence with every step he took.

“Wow,” exclaimed senior Casey Flowers as Eddie strutted past him, “that kid has some serious balls.”

Huntington managed to cause quite a stir amongst the student population as no one had ever thought of publicly embarrassing themselves in that manner.

Sophomore Jimmy Peppers was heard exclaiming, “It’s so obvious he didn’t get in, but damn, he sure is proud to let everyone else know that, too.”

“No, no, no, that’s not the case,” said Huntington, when questioned about his deference from the Seminole school. “I was just waitlisted. FSU practically begged me to go there. Besides, I heard FAU has a way better party scene.”

Even President Kelly felt the need to comment, saying, “Dude, get over yourself. We know FAU wasn’t your first choice.”