End Of Summer Term 3 Leaves Students Wondering What The Hell They Are Supposed To Do For Two Weeks

With Summer Term 3 coming to a close, students around campus are reportedly wondering what the hell they are supposed to do with their time during the two-week-long period leading up to fall semester. Due to the shorter time frame, courses offered during Summer Term 3 are expected to compress fifteen weeks worth of course material taught during regular-length semesters into six weeks. The trauma induced by these unremitting, fast-paced workloads have caused students to find difficulty in returning to a state of normality, rendering them incapable of enjoying the short respite between semesters.

“What now?” said senior Irene Adams, struggling to fill out her monthly planner. “It’s been so long since I’ve been free. I’m still expecting an assignment to jump out at me from behind a corner at any moment.”

“I wish I could hang with some friends,” said sophomore Brandon Miller, appearing dead behind the eyes. “Unfortunately I had to sever all personal relationships in my life in order to meet my deadlines.”

At press time, it was rumored that students were beginning to try sleep, as most of them have forgotten what it feels like.