Excited Freshman Joins PEN15 Club

On Wednesday morning, excitable freshman Connor Andrews signed up for a mysterious allegiance entitled PEN15 Club. Andrews was reportedly lured into joining by a PEN15 recruiter while walking through the Breezeway. The recruiter approached the unsuspecting freshman with “PEN14” written on his hand and asked if he would be interested in becoming a part of the exclusive organization, claiming that Andrews would immediately be promoted to the rank of PEN15, the highest and most respected position in the club, according to close sources.

“I can’t believe I was chosen for such a special group,” exclaimed Andrews, proudly showcasing “PEN15” written across his forehead. “I’ve already got my fifteen pens ready to go for the first meeting!”

At press time, PEN15 Club has unofficially announced that they will be setting up another chapter of their organization on the Davie campus. Their sister chapter, ICUP, has already begun recruiting pledges for Spring 2019.