Facebook Friend ‘Normally Doesn’t Get Political’ but Really Has Something to Say

At precisely 10:03 A.M. on Tuesday morning, sophomore Ana Evans, a student who normally tries not to speak about politics, decided that she could not contain herself any longer and had to write a 634-word Facebook post about Election day.

“I normally dont do this,” her new status began, “but I really just need to let you know that the future of our country depend on today. This is all we are. not voting is the equivalent of stabbing John Adams in the heart in front of Abigail and her children right before the second Continental Congress. If your having trouble deciding who, stop think about it. Just do it. Even if you have to write in ‘Bernie’ because I promise you that vote will make a big difference to the children in Africa.”

Most of her friends clicked the ‘Love’ button on the status, with many commenters praising her courage and raw thoughts.

“Ana, this is so beautifully written. I wish I had your talent with words,” stated her mom, Betty Evans. “I’m so happy I raised such a freethinking intellectual.”

“Ana Evans 2k16,” wrote another commenter, after which another replied, “Honestly tho, better than our current options.”

At press time, her Facebook status had received 376 Reactions, 27 comments, and 15 shares. Pleased with the response, Evans had already begun drafting her next sixteen posts for the week.