FAU, After Boasting Its Close Proximity To Beach And Nightlife To Attract Students, Claims Canceling Spring Break Did Wonders For COVID-19 Rates

This week, FAU administration reported that canceling its normal spring break to prevent the spread of COVID-19 helped drop infection rates considerably. Being the responsible university that FAU is, administrators found it most important to cancel the only break from continuous work that students and faculty had during the Spring semester in order to prevent travel. Prior to this year, FAU often advertised itself to students as being in a prime location for a South Florida university as it is quite close to the beach and other hotspots for young nightlife. Surely this seemingly arbitrary cancellation of spring break would assist in lowering rates nearby at least a little.

“The cancellation of spring break did not assist in lowering rates nearby at all,” commented local student Lucille Paredes. “FAU’s location didn’t change overnight, we still live near all the same beaches and bars and they’re all still crowded.”

Other students agreed with this sentiment, claiming that stopping spring break won’t just stop people from traveling or leaving their homes. FAU administrators, however, feel that if they simply “ignore students’ mental health and pretend the solution works,” then maybe “the problem will go away.”

At press time, it was revealed that FAU now has plans to have students do work throughout the summer as well in order to prevent travel during the warmer months.