FAU Band: “We Could’ve Given A Better Halftime Show Than The Weeknd.”

Dr. Kyle Prescott and Dr. Marc Decker, director and associate director, respectively, of the FAU Marching Band, released a statement that their athletic band could’ve given a better halftime performance at this year’s Super Bowl than The Weeknd himself. 

Dr. Prescott was absolutely fuming when he heard how much the NFL paid for the performance. “$20 million dollars for this garbage?! I am appalled,” said Dr. Prescott. “If Pepsi and the NFL offered us that much to do it, it would’ve been 1000% better.” 

Dr. Decker said in an interview with one of The Hoot’s staff writers that “We got the offer from the NFL first asking about our interest in the halftime show,” and that “we were coerced into not doing it by The Weeknd’s management team.” The Weeknd’s PR team has yet to release a statement on such a claim, but their silence speaks volumes. 

Not only are the band directors absolutely livid about this piss-poor performance, but the members of the band itself have quite a lot to say about it too. “I just don’t understand what the hype is around him,” said trumpet player Simone Reyes. “Clearly all his followers were blinded by the lights of that stage, because god damn.” To make matters worse, The Weeknd personally tweeted his response to the scandal this Tuesday. “Who told @FloridaAtlantic that they could speak on my name like that? I am god to you peasants.” This tweet caused quite the uproar within FAU’s community, and Florida Atlantic is currently coming up with a response. 

When asked about The Weekend’s tweet, Dr. Kyle Prescott commented that “It’s not everyday that you start Twitter beef with a celebrity, however, if you do, go big or go home.”