FAU Bookstore Debuts Lane Kiffin Body Pillows

With the successful 2017 football season, the FAU Bookstore is proud to announce their new line of merchandise; with their highlighted item, the limited edition Lane Kiffin™ Body Pillow.  

The pillow features a two-sided design both sporting an image of Lane Kiffin™ passionately spread across a white sheet. 

“This is the best thing to happen to anime since Avatar: The Last Airbender,” said freshman Tucker Miles, clutching one of the pillows close to his chest.

In a statement, FAU President John Kelly expressed his excitement for the release of the pillow. “I’m very proud to announce the new line of exclusive dakimakura depicting my husbando,” said Kelly. “For you baka-normies, a dakimakura is the correct way of saying body pillow.”

Other new merchandise includes a map of FAU’s Boca Raton campus, a new “Daddy 01” football jersey, limited edition 4GB Juuls, and much more.