FAU CAPS: ‘It Be Like That Sometimes’

With the beginning of the new semester, Florida Atlantic University’s Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) has reportedly begun testing out a new approach for their cognitive therapy research, currently titled Oh Ouch Fam (O.O.F.), which seeks to teach patients that life “be like that sometimes.”

“I don’t think therapy has ever impacted my life the way O.O.F. has,” film major Farrah Marks claimed. “I realized that my life is in my control; by extension, I’ve made some terrible choices.”  

O.O.F. involves the patient discussing their problems while the therapist sits there using a phone-like device to record information all while occasionally offering powerful one-word replies such as “R.I.P., yikes, damn,” and many more.

“I was telling my therapist about my relationship anxiety and stuff,” said sophomore Max Hill. “Right as I finished, the therapist straight up handed me a sheet of looseleaf paper with a giant letter ‘F’ written on it. I guess my dude was trying to revive me.”

Psychologist Adrian Kenney is one of the leaders of the new O.O.F. program and has been working on its research prior to the program’s implementation.

“You see, while the patients are discussing their problems, we have the therapist stalk their social media accounts and them ‘like’ all of their posts,” Kenney explained, “you see, one ‘like’ is equivalent to one ‘respect’, which will help boost the patients’ self esteems and give them confidence. Eventually, they will all learn to accept life as it is, and see that sometimes, ‘it be like that.’”