FAU Converts Parking Garage I Elevators Into Tower Of Terror Ride For Halloween

Earlier this week, student sources reported that the Parking Garage I elevators had been transformed into a Tower of Terror-themed ride in the spirit of Halloween. According to an administrative representative from the university, Tower of Terror, a Disney park ride in which guests board a haunted elevator that quickly drops and rises multiple stories at a time, felt like the perfect way for FAU to help students celebrate Halloween.

Some students, like frequent commuter Alicia Jones, are loving the spooky fun. 

“The elevators at Parking Garage I were already close to breaking and dropping multiple stories at once anyway,” commented Jones, who had just exited the ride. “It’s a fun way to distract everyone from the fact that these elevators haven’t been inspected for well over a year.” 

FAU has yet to comment on whether or not this is all a scheme to distract students from their unsafe elevators.

At press time, sources confirmed that students and teachers at the Arts & Letters building were converting their elevators into Dr. Doom’s Fearfall in competition with the parking garage.