FAU Counseling Center Booked Solid As Students Prepare for Perilous Spring Semester

No amount of calming music or ambient lighting could have subdued the chaos in the Counseling Center Monday morning as students flocked back in anticipation of the Spring semester. FAU Counseling and Psychological Services, which offers free counseling for all students, has taken measures over the past few years to keep up with the beginning-of-semester demand, including hiring counselors specifically for the opening weeks of the semester and installing new labyrinthine passageways outside the front entrance lined with pamphlets and motivational posters. These measures are proving to have the opposite of the intended effect. In the process of clawing past fellow students and other obstacles, most students end up needing far more than simple help dealing with back-to-school stress by the time they reach a counselor. Throwing the situation into even more disarray, all counselors are already booked, leading to random students bombarding counselor offices mid-session. FAU CAPS has not yet announced its new measures for containing the anarchy, but attendance is expected to dwindle back down to normal levels by next week as students realize that dealing with stress is an expected part of college life.