FAU Dads Arrive at Airports One Week Early for Homecoming Dad Olympics

Daddios of FAU students have already arrived at airports nationwide in preparation of next week’s Homecoming Week Dad Olympics. Sponsored by New Balance, fathers attending the Fifth Annual event will compete for the prestige of becoming Dad of the Year. The FAU stadium will host the event, which will include competitive matches of barbecuing, sitting through dinner with the inlaws, and texting daughters at 12 am to make sure everything is okay. Some new additions to this year’s games include aggressively making sure to know the names of waiters, watching World War 2 documentaries, and the most anticipated event, getting both grocery shopping and haircut done by 10 A.M. on a Saturday. “I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss the flight,” said a pack of dads in unison as they looked up from their laptops. “This event will mean so much to my child.” Students have likewise begun to prepare for the event by locking themselves in their dorms and refusing to answer their text messages.