FAU Football Team Barely Loses This Time

This past weekend the Florida Atlantic Owls barely lost a game against the University of Florida. In a tight match-up versus the number 8 team in the nation, FAU managed to somehow tie the game up by the end of the fourth quarter with the Gators, who were kind of confused as to what the hell was going on. “I just remember looking up at the scoreboard and wondering why the numbers were the same,” said Gators defensive tackle Taven Bryan, who then proceeded to pummel the Owls’ offense in overtime. By the end of the game, the Owls were merely glad that they got more fun time in the field, even if that meant losing on a public stage. “Once again we tried winning and just couldn’t do it. But we almost did it this time, and that’s SO sweet,” said FAU coach Charlie Partridge. Accustomed to defeat, the team will come back home Monday to the usual indifference of its fellow students and staff.