FAU High Schoolers Can’t Stress Enough How ‘Okay’ They Are

After noticing how worried fellow students had become at their immense and stressful workload, FAU High School students made sure to stress Thursday how ‘okay’ they were. FAU High School has gained the attention of many students around campus for being an extreme source of stress for their younger peers. Despite rising awareness of this issue, many of the young and disheveled teens are quick to deny any anxiety they may be experiencing.

“I promise, I’m fine!” claimed exasperated student Jaclyn Mills, who had begun drinking her fourth cup of coffee that day. “My parents are making me take 24 credits this semester, but I can handle it! I promise!”

In response to rising awareness of the situation these poor children were in, counselors at the CAPS Center had begun evacuating their offices to seek out the teenagers.

At press time, many of the young students began to claim they had wasted time reminding everyone how okay they were and had ran to hide in their mandatory PSAT Prep classes.