FAU Marketing Department Owl Out of Puns

Reports indicate that the FAU Marketing department behind all the cringeworthy owl puns has officially burrowed due to lack of puns. This pun drought is said to have been caused by overpunning in emails to students, confusing Freshman Orientation acronyms, and President Kelly’s speeches.

As a result, the Director of Marketing at FAU, Eric Sandiego, has felt a frantic desire to come up with original content. “I haven’t been able to sleep owl night long. I’ve been talon everyone to help me come up with puns. I don’t give a hoot about anything else anymore, just the puns,” he said, scribbling notes onto a taxidermied owl with a crayon. “My wife says I’m wasting my time. HOOOO does she think she is?“

Sandiego explained that FAU has not paid him since his last great pun, the Homecoming “Owlympics.” He and many others in the marketing department have resorted to standing on the intersection of Glades and Military with signs reading, “Will give out recycled owl-based puns for spare change. God Bless.” If you have any owl puns to donate, you can find Sandiego drinking away his sorrows every night at the Boca Raton Hooters.