FAU Opens Critter Art Gallery

Earlier this week, critters from all over South Florida scampered their way to the FAU Boca Raton campus for the grand opening of the Critter Art Gallery. Months after the mysterious disappearance of Greta Kine, the art curator of the Critter Art Gallery’s predecessor, the Ritter Art Gallery, she returned to campus reportedly appearing like a raccoon with a wig on. After reassuring everyone that it was indeed her, Kine went on to reimagine the Ritter Art Gallery as a place for critters from all over the state to display their works.

Celebrity critter artists such as Andy Warthog and Salvador Ducky were in attendance for the Critter Art Gallery’s grand opening. The sound and smell of scat filled the air as an all-critter jazz band played throughout the night.

“Screech! Chit-chit! Purr…” commented human art curator Kine when asked about the turnout of the opening.

Sadly, the gallery was shut down just hours after opening by what the health department called “just too much shit.” Shortly before, sources reported that Kine was arrested for identity theft and fraud after authorities claim that she had been a raccoon in a wig the entire time. The whereabouts of the real Kine remain unknown.