FAU Sends Parking Tickets To Students Living At Home To Mimic Campus Life

Even with campus continuing to open up as Covid restrictions loosen, there is still a large student population that is completing their classes online. FAU’s thoughtful administration has come up with a way to remind students what campus life was like: sending parking tickets students would have normally received at school to their houses. 

These tickets have been a hit amongst the student population. “I woke up one day and saw something tucked into my car’s windshield, something I hadn’t seen in over a year,” wrote Junior Heather Nielsen. “I was always getting parking citations when I drove to campus, so it was super nostalgic seeing I got another one. At least I don’t have to pay a fine for this one!” It was at that moment that The Hoot correspondents informed Ms. Nielsen that she did, in fact, still have to pay for the new parking ticket, and that these were not novelty citations. She then hurriedly got off the Zoom call she was using, presumably to call the FAU Parking Office. 

Due to the strong response from the student body, FAU Administration is now coming up with even more ideas to remind students what their lives were like living and driving to campus. What’s next for our at-home Owls? Credible sources say to be on the watch for random club flyers to be slid under the door of your home.