FAU to Spend $5 Million on Fixing Crooked ‘C’ in ‘FAU’ Sign

In the new year, FAU will start construction on restoring the crooked ‘C’ on the main Glades Road entrance sign with a starting budget of five million dollars. Some of the funds will go towards hiring world-class sign sculptors, full background checks and medical screenings, and complimentary five-course meals from The Capital Grille, as well as education on what a ‘C’ actually looks like. FAU mom Susanna Billings first made the discovery, posting on her blog, “It’s clear that FAU isn’t taking responsibility to keep their campus aesthetically pleasing.” She then demanded that the sign be placed at the top of the administration’s priorities, and that the materials be imported from Switzerland and Egypt. “Fix a stoplight and you’ll save a life. But fix a crooked ‘C’ and you’ll save a lifetime.” Only hours after the initial announcement, FAU decided that due the severity of the situation, they will be adding another $500,000 to the budget for the sole purpose of reassuring students of the final sign’s legibility. The university is expected to announce plans for all of the rest of the signs on campus as soon as they realize that every appearance of ‘FAU’ on campus has a crooked ‘C.’