FAU Student Proudly Donates Awkward Smile to Homeless Man

On Friday morning, FAU freshman Christian White proudly donated an awkward smile to a homeless man in Fort Lauderdale. White had reportedly stopped his brand new Porsche at a stop sign only to find an elderly homeless man, Joshua Smith, crossing the street in front of him. It was then that White, who was still afraid of catching Smith’s bad case of poverty, reportedly decided to partake in one of the most selfless acts of his life: almost making eye contact with the man, showcasing a half smile while holding an iPhone in front of his face. The near-exchange reportedly left White with a feeling of pride matched only by that one time he supported a third world country by eating some quinoa at The Capital Grille.

“I almost can’t believe I did that for that homeless guy. He’s probably going to talk about me for weeks. It’s not every day that a person can make sacrifices and give to the poor; I guess I’m kind of like Jesus,” White humbly said.

“I was truly stunned,” said a beaming Smith. “I just can’t believe that White boy acknowledged me.”

At press time, a newly inspired White officially made a commitment to bettering the lives of the homeless. Specifically, he is focusing on those who are on his weekday commute between his house and FAU’s Boca campus, planning to show them a printed photo of himself looking down at the ground with sunglasses on. White is reportedly urging others to follow his lead and “give homeless people the respect they deserve.”