FAU Unveils New Major: Wrecking Noobs On Fortnite

On Friday morning, Florida Atlantic University announced that it would finally be welcoming the addition of a brand new major: Wrecking Noobs On Fortnite. This major was proposed by many students and staff in light of a recent boom in the gaming community, which may have sparked the idea. What really excites local students is that the major will be implemented as early as fall semester.

“It was about time!” exclaimed FAU senior Jake Walkins, who had just emerged from his dorm after a long night of playing Fortnite with his bros. “I hadn’t even decided my major, but now I’ve found my true calling.”

Although many were excited by the new world of possibilities presented to them by a single college major, some students were not as elated. “I suck at Fortnite!” complained freshmen Rachel Wade, preoccupied with reading WikiHow articles on how to master the game. “It’s just so intimidating. I’d love to learn, but I’m worried I’ll flunk out of Hiding In A Bush 101!”

At press time, an email had been sent out informing students that new and extremely qualified Twitch streamers were being hired to teach classes.