FAU Wimberly Library Set To Renovate 5th Floor Into An Indoor Trampoline Park

The crown jewel of FAU’s Boca Raton campus is set to undergo massive renovations. It’s not Howard Schnellenberger Field (the football stadium’s actual name), or our state-of-the-art rec center, but Wimberly Library.

Plans have already been set in motion to completely renovate the 5th floor into a Sky Zone themed trampoline park. President John Kelly has spoken with numerous construction companies including Gilbane Building Company and Bliss Construction, LLC, since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. The plan for the 5th floor has been up in the air, however, the deal has been confirmed at a mere $42.5 million. President Kelly, in an interview with Hoot correspondents, stated  “I can’t wait to have a little air conditioned bouncy-house on campus. It’s going to be amazing.” However, these renovations are going to cause a lot of problems.

The first problem is that Kelly is going to charge students $99.945 per visit. I’m sorry Pres. Kelly, but students don’t have enough money to pay per visit due to this institution’s price-gouging on the cost of living on campus along with tuition costs. With a price like this, how does Pres. Kelly expect to pay off how much it will cost to build this trampoline park? Out-of-state resident Jimmy Johnson commented, “This university has already run my pockets dry. All of my tuition is going towards their ever-running sprinkler system, and if Pres. Kelly thinks I’m shelling out more money for this… he’s crazy.” 

However, a much bigger problem is at hand.

Wimberly Library is going to be overrun with angsty, hormonal, loud, and asinine college students, which is never a good thing. Upperclassmen Dave Jones, on a Zoom call with Hoot correspondents, said “I always thought that it got quieter the higher you got up in the building. So I find it very counter-intuitive that President Kelly is building a trampoline park on the 5th floor. I’m livid that the only quiet place on campus is being turned into something that will generate more noise than the library already has.”

Jones has already started a petition on Change.org, protesting the building of the indoor trampoline park. With the help from the many members of our community, we can help save the 5th floor library and bring back its reputation as the quiet floor.