Freshman Spends Entire Financial Aid Refund On Makeup She’ll Stop Using In 3 Weeks

Financial Aid refunds have been processed and the doe-eyed Freshman Caitlyn Rutledge could not contain her excitement of having an extra $2,000 in her brand new college bank account. Upon receiving the funds, she immediately thought of all the places she could blow all of it in a single weekend. Her roommates took her to Sephora at the Boca Town Center Mall, and Rutledge could not keep her money in her pants.

Her roommate Taylor McKenzie commented, “She was practically drooling over the new Morphe brushes and bought at least ten Morphe M35s just for her eyeshadow.”

At press time, Rutledge’s resident assistant saw her dumping all of the makeup down the trash shoot. “I was distraught because I thought I had the most up-to-date Morphe collection,” Rutledge said. “But it turns out right after I bought my makeup James Charles came out with a new line and I just had to buy it!”