Girl Surgically Attaches Dog Snout to Face to Emulate Popular Snapchat Filter

Nineteen-year-old Melissa Jacobs recently made the surprising decision to surgically attach the family dog’s snout to her face, after reportedly being inspired by one of Snapchat’s featured camera filters that gives users the appearance of a dog. “I was talking to this guy I met on Tinder and I would only send him Snaps of me with that dog filter,” Jacobs stated. “That’s all he ever wanted. He would always call me beautiful, so I didn’t question it. When we finally met in person, he’d become so used to the filter that he didn’t like me for how I truly looked.”

After several similar incidents, Jacobs concluded that boys only deemed her attractive with the assistance of the dog filter. She then made “the only logical decision” and surgically transplanted her dog Gizmo’s snout onto her face. Following Jacobs’ transformation, other girls have followed her lead and stolen faces from cute animals to wear as their own.

“Who knew that attaching animal appendages to your face would turn you into such a babe,” local teen Rebecca Phine pondered, shortly after mutilating a pig’s corpse for its snout and ears. Despite several professionals theorizing that the rapid frenzy of this fashion choice reveals rising levels of male preference for beastiality, nobody seems to mind. “Being a girl today can be hard, but as long as we get our man, it’s worth it in the end,” Phine concluded as she began sewing the pig snout over her nose.