Heartwarming: Dad Makes Chicken Nuggets For Son Who Said He Loves Fat Nugs

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A heartwarming moment was shared between father and son when FAU freshman Jared Myers posted on Facebook about how much he loves fat nugs. Myers, who forgot he was friends with his parents on Facebook, was surprised by his dad with a plate of dinosaur chicken nuggets when he returned home to Jacksonville for the weekend.

“I don’t even remember posting about it, bro,” Myers recalled in a statement. “Who isn’t down for some nuggets, though? My old man really hooked it up with the Jurassic-themed chicken. I guess I have a new plug this weekend.”

Myers’ father, Ron Myers, knew his pure son missed being home and eating dinosaur chicken nuggets after class, like he always had before going to college.

“The semester is a few weeks in, and my champ’s post about loving fat nugs screamed ‘homesick’ to me,” said Ron. “When I came out with the freshly baked ‘nugs,’ I could tell Jared wanted to cry, his eyes were so red. As a father, you appreciate these little bonding moments.”

At press time, the seasoned Facebook dad posted about the importance of having your kids on social media, saying, “The kids just want nugs. Nugs and hugs! <3”