I LIVED IT: Owlsley’s Former Lover Speaks

After months of hiding from the press, an anonymous Jane Doe finally decided to sit down with the Hoot to discuss her claims of being Owlsley’s former lover. While Owlsley denies her claims regarding the relationship, including the numerous paternity tests claiming that he is the father of Jane’s newborn, we here at the Hoot wanted to hear her side of the story. 

“Maybe it was my own damn fault looking for love with a bird. But god, he was irresistible. We met at the 2019 bonfire – he and I made eye contact as he performed. He really had this rockstar energy to him, like if  Mick Jagger and Elvis had a baby. The next few weeks were a blur. He’d send roses to my dormitory and he got me into the most exclusive parties. Our fledgling relationship seemed like it had potential. At least I was stupid enough to think that. I should have paid attention to the red flags, I knew he was with other chicks, but I thought that he could change. It all went downhill once he found out I was pregnant. He had the audacity to get mad at ME, and act like it couldn’t possibly be his, that I was the one that cheated. I Haven’t heard from him since. He’s blocked me on all social media, and I am now banned for life from the football stadium. He is a foul, fowl man.”

Before The Hoot could ask further questions, we were escorted out of the Doe residence after Jane claimed that she needed to get back to taking care of her baby, who had a striking resemblance to one Charles W. Owlsley.