Is The Service In IVA Really That Bad Or Am I Just Getting Ghosted?

Listen, I can handle rejection. That’s just the truth. It rarely happens, but when it does, it gets me sky-high. Rejection feels quite natural to me. It’s not good nor bad — it’s just a way of being, a lifestyle. Reject me harder, daddy. But when a cute bby girl steals my heart away only to stop texting me due to “poor service in her building,” I just can’t. I can’t! No disrespect to her, but come up with a better front. Just tell me that I’m hard to talk to and be done with it like an adult. No joke, this girl looked me in my eyes and was like, “I don’t get your messages because the service in my building is bad. You’re a pleasure to be around. Quit overthinking so much, you ABSOLUTE CLOWN.” She should have throat-punched me, honestly. She should have just poked my eyeballs out with little cocktail toothpicks, curb-stomped me, and started a Depop shop for artisanal teeth jewelry. Okay, so she did show me screenshots of her messages not sending, and I guess that means something, but it’s not enough! Something still smells, and I’m not talking about the carpeting in UVA. She seriously wants me to blame it all on FAU’s service provider? Is it Xfinity? Can someone tell me how that works? Is the service really that bad, or am I getting ghosted? Goddammit, I’m getting ghosted. This is bullshit.