IVA Civil War: Battle For The Moving Buckets

The end of finals are approaching, but another obstacle stands in the way of some FAU students from finally getting the relaxation they have been praying for: Moving out.

Susan Meyers, a resident student from Innovation Village Apartments North, provided insight on the situation and concerns that come along with moving out of the dorms.

“Not only is the packing and cleaning until you can lick the floors a pain in the ass, once you finally have your stuff ready to load, IVA South is stealing all of the moving buckets, making us have to do like five trips up and down the damn elevator.” Sources report that the ongoing feud between IVA North and South gains the most tension during move-out week.

IVA South denies the allegations and prepared their resident assistants with extra Kevlar protection and extensive training for any attack from their sister building. One of the RAs, Joshua Banner, was interviewed before the inevitable war, saying, “Josh Smash.”

At press time, Meyers was seen assembling her team from the sixth and eighth-floor levels of IVA North, hyping up her troops for their ultimate battle.