Lane Kiffin Spotted Perfecting Kiki Challenge This Offseason

Early this offseason, campus sources identified Lane Kiffin perfecting his rendition of the popular Kiki Challenge after a Twitter user reportedly referred to him as “Lame Kiffin” and alleged him of “not being trendy enough” this summer. Sources familiar with the situation reported that the FAU head football coach was seen repeating the routine multiple times from the start if he would so much as swivel his hip at the wrong time.

A small crowd of observers formed around Kiffin as he stepped out of his moving Lexus,  whipping, hopping, and pointing vigorously. “He had a fire in his eyes as he sang,” said Lauren Jackson, an onlooker in the crowd. “For a moment there, I felt like Kiki.”

Kiffin will reportedly be releasing his Kiki Challenge video on all social media platforms, campus televisions, and FAU-registered cell phone numbers on Tuesday at 10 a.m.According to his PR team, if successful, Kiffin’s Kiki video will be trending nationally within four hours and his reputation as the coolest coach on the East Coast will be restored.