Lifelong Learner Student Teaches Students Lifelong Learned Lessons

During an entry-level Philosophy class on Friday morning, students were unexpectedly treated to the lifelong learned lessons of Jim Grant, a wise lifelong learner student. Most of his unsolicited soliloquies had to do with The War and his hard lessons learned through the labors of battle.

The sage senior has reportedly been lecturing the young, inexperienced minds about his vital life lessons since the semester started. Mr. Grant was quoted saying, “I’m just happy to share what’s in my noggin with these young minds. The fact that these youngsters are listening to a wise old geezer like me gives me hope for this wretched generation.”

Freshman Tatiana Miller was enraptured during the entire duration of the 50 minute class as she listened to the omniscient octogenarian. “This is what college is really about. Hearing this enlightened elder speak about The War is the type of thing I could never get outside of a classroom.”

Even the young, inexperienced professor was moved by the hallowed teachings of the elderly guru. After class, the unseasoned instructor was seen inviting Mr. Grant to lead the following week’s graduate symposium.

Towards the end of the day, the same lifelong learner was seen recounting the same exact experiences over again to an entry-level Psychology class. One student, who was enrolled in both courses, felt honored to hear the same lesson twice.

As of publication time, it is still unclear which war Mr. Grant served in.