How to Live Like a Lifestyle Guru on a College Budget

By Carrie Burgendorf

Lifestyle Gurus like Tiffany Amber Thiessen and Haylie Duff have recently flooded the internet with their advice, metaphysical ramblings, and thoughts on cage-free eggs. Much of what they suggest can be expensive, so I’ve compiled this guide on how to live like a lifestyle guru on a college budget.

1. Align your chakras.


Little-known fact: chakras are free. But I’m not entirely sure what those are or where they are located in the body, so I just lined up all the knick knacks on my desk. It is surprisingly helpful and I already feel at peace with myself.

2. Read and subscribe to websites like Goop.


Since the internet is basically free, use it for all it’s worth: read lifestyle websites like Goop! The front page is super easy to navigate and gives an overlay of what you can find on the site, including videos of Haylie Duff making vegan tiramisu, information on where to buy an Ebonized Oak Trivet with Brass Lining ($140), and lists of the best organic wine bars in walking distance from the Paris Four Seasons. Even a college budget, you can surf the Goop until the cows come home!

3. Purchase a cookbook.


All college budgets should allow for a good cookbook. Highly recommended is Gwyneth Paltrow’s recently released ‘It’s All Good,’ which is an understatement because it’s actually all GREAT. I will admit that the cookbook was intimidating at first; I couldn’t help but feel like Gwyneth was staring at me from the passenger seat as I stopped to get french fries on the way home from purchasing her book. I had to flip the book over. I know that I failed her. Luckily, the interior of the book has calming photos of Gwyneth looking out windows or strolling past ponds, which helped me keep going.

4. Find yourself.


With your chakras aligned, Goop read, and cookbook safely in your passenger’s seat, close your eyes and ask yourself: “Who am I? What am I? Where am I? How did I get here, and why does it smell like curry?” Only you can answer those questions for yourself.