Local Band in Need of Guitarist, Bassist, Drummer, Synth Player, Singer, and Manager

Zach Hill, a sophomore English and Education major at FAU, has been advertising his need for a guitarist, bassist, drummer, synth player, singer, and manager so he can start a band. “I’ve always wanted to be in a band, but I don’t know how to play anything,” he said. “So I just decided to make one. The tour life seems like a blast.”

A surprising amount of musicians have already contacted the band. “I’ve already gotten three emails from interested artists,” said Hill. “All three happen to be guitarists/singers, and they all linked me their Soundclouds. What a find!”

Hill has so far decided to let all three applicants join the band. “The more the merrier! And the influences of such diverse musical backgrounds will allow for a more complex sound.”

These artists include Rodrick Heffley, who wants to front an edgy punk band, Nick Peterson, who exclusively plays John Mayer covers, and The Realness, who does freestyle rap over the two guitar chords he knows.

As for playing in the band himself, Zach is all for it. “I could probably play kazoo. Or maybe ukulele. I already know a few Twenty One Pilots songs.”

The band’s first EP will be released by FAU’s Hoot/Wisdom Recordings label in January 2018 under a name still yet to be determined by an online band name generator.