Local Leprechaun Gets Pot Stolen

Two days before Saint Patrick’s Day, local leprechaun Murphy McDonald-Walsh III, reported his pot stolen. Walsh claimed that the pot was worth an extensive amount of gold.

“This sucks,” said area woman Margaret Green. “We all really depended on Murphy for his lucky pot.”

According to police reports, the pot consisted of odd seven-leaved clovers and gardening soil. Witnesses last reported the pot in possession of an unidentified individual dressed as a rabbit.

‘My money is on Peter Cottonmouth,” said Duncan Johnson. “That boy and his peeps are always trying to take Murphy down.”

Investigations have made extensive progress, but Walsh now claims that Saint Patrick’s Day is apparently “canceled.”

“Dude, I needed that pot to get me through the Saint Patty’s Day shift,” said Walsh. “How can I show everyone what’s over the rainbow if I can’t see it myself?”