Local Red-Nosed Reindeer Dresses as Honda Odyssey

With the Holiday season in full swing, festivities and traditions have commenced across communities all over the world. One local reindeer is making headlines after being spotted sporting a look that can only be described as a life-like Honda Odyssey. “In reindeer culture, this is the time of year where we tell our little calves that Martha comes to visit. Martha is a jolly soccer mom who wears a big red suit and drives around in her Honda Odysseys to give out baby carrots and other reindeer gifts,” said Rudy Off, the red-nosed reindeer. “I decided to spread some holiday cheer by dressing up as a Honda Odyssey myself. My co-workers can’t stop talking about it!” Additional reports suggest that Rudy Off has ingested several small children in an effort to authenticate the Honda Odyssey “look.”