Local Stoner Celebrates 4/20 by Smoking 24/7

In honor of the sacred day that is 4/20, FAU junior and full-time stoner James Bentley decided that the time was right for him to light up another blunt and celebrate the same way he does every hour of every day. Although Bentley is not the only stoner in the world to celebrate this holy day 365 times a year, he is certainly devoted to his mission. “Pot shouldn’t be a schedule 1 drug, man. So I’m gonna light one up until the feds can understand that marijuana has only made me a better person,” said a passionate, stoned Bentley. When asked why April 20th has special meaning to him when his celebrations are identical to every other day of his life, Bentley said, “I mean, 4/20 is more than just a day. It’s a lifestyle, a state of mind. But all of these lifestyles converge on this day, to make change happen.” Bentley then stuffed a Cheeto into his mouth, muttered the words “blaze it,” and fell asleep, where he remained until press time.