Man Becomes Football Expert During Super Bowl Party

Sources confirmed Sunday that local man Tyler Lowski revealed himself to be a football aficionado during a friend of a friend’s Super Bowl party.  

As soon as Lowski arrived, he reportedly began trying to talk to everyone and made odd statements that only he was laughing at, according to various witnesses. “Dude was mad annoying,” said John Bronson, the host of the party. “I don’t even know who invited him.”

“Lowski is normally kind of a weird guy with not too many friends, plus he was usually unenthusiastic about sports, so his behavior was a big surprise,” said Michael Pino. “I invited him because I felt sort of bad for the guy.”

Once the coin toss passed, Lowski was reported to have been making loud sounds in reaction to every play and scrimmage during the game.  “He would talk smack about each of the players and say the stupidest things,” Bronson claimed. “He kept talking about how the fullback for the Rams kept fumbling, and I’m like, ‘Dude, that’s not the fullback. And he’s on the Patriots.”

According to Lowski’s Facebook posts, it appears that he was posting a status about the Super Bowl every 2-3 minutes to express his excitement and criticism. “He never posts anything about football on Facebook. He usually just shares stupid memes and cooking videos,” said Pino.

“This isn’t the first time he’s shown this kind of behavior either,” Pino went on to say. “Every time I’d be having a discussion with someone, he would constantly butt in with his opinions and constantly go off about how he knew this and that. Like seriously, who asked?”

“The Patriots are a bunch of cheaters,” said Lowski. “But I guess since they won, they’re clearly good, and I’m like, a big Pats fan. I’ve been with them since I was a kid, you know.”

“I asked if he could name any other Patriot player besides Brady or Gronk, and the man straight up paused,” said Bronson, “He was all like, ‘Oh, you know, that one guy on defense. I forgot his name’.”

Lowski’s most recent Facebook post read, “worst superbowl ever smh.”