Man Mansplains Man How Men Shouldn’t Mansplain

At a social gathering held on Sunday evening, sophomore Sociology major Isaiah Miller mansplained fellow guest Seamus Flynn how men should not mansplain. Miller reportedly took action after witnessing Flynn express to host Samantha Smith how impressed he was by Aaron Judge’s massive rookie season last year. Miller, a self-proclaimed feminist, became upset by Flynn’s telling Smith his thoughts. Miller instantly confronted Flynn and told the man that, being a man against mansplaining, required him to mansplain to prevent mansplaining.

“Like, come on, I will mansplain many manly men meaningful messages mentioning men mansplaining,” said Miller.  “I will also mansplain women because I am a feminist and I care for women. Like, they need to know that I care.”

Miller told Flynn that Smith did not need to hear about Judge’s year from him. “I don’t know what his deal is,” said Smith. “I am in a fantasy baseball league at work and I don’t know anything about the game so I asked Seamus,” said Smith. “I was just mansplained that mansplaining is bad.”

At press time, Miller was seen mansplaining Samantha Smith about her party. “Gosh damn, the fact that she did not have any rainbow cookies really upset me.”