New FAU Accounting Class Teaches Students to Forget How to Have Fun

FAU is happy to announce a new addition to the course catalog for next semester. In case electing Accounting as an official major wasn’t enough to dull every dopamine signal in their brain, accounting students are now required to take Accounting To Forget You Once Had Fun, otherwise known as ACG 10666.

Students will learn how to debit mundane feelings of misery into their lives and credit their happiness and good thoughts away. The class will also necessitate six hours of studying per minute of in-class lecture, meaning that any free time students once had will now be used to learn every single word in a pictureless book about useless information that could be garnered within a single Google search.

The School of Accounting has decided to hire a single professor to teach the course, Dr. Maxwell Rufus. Rufus has amassed quite an extensive array of notable accolades, including being the only professor to achieve a Rate My Professor rating that is so low it can’t be represented by a real number. When asked why Rufus decided to teach the course, Rufus said, “I’m here to just do research, really. Ultimately, I’m going to fail all of my students and get off to the feeling of ruining their lives later.”

Many reviews on Rate My Professor stated that Rufus wouldn’t dismiss the class until he heard at least three people crying within the lecture hall. Although Rufus’ abysmal nature would normally make him a terrible professor, FAU found him to be the perfect fit for ACG 10666.

For upcoming accounting students, ACG 10666 is now required in order to graduate. The class requires prerequisites of every single accounting class currently on FAU’s course catalog, 121 credit hours, a perfect score on the Accounting Competency Exam — even if they have already taken it — and a CPA License. Once requirements are met, students can then meet with their advisor in Istanbul, Turkey to register for the class. After they are registered, students will at last completely forget any feeling of what fun ever felt like and be rendered incapable of experiencing future enjoyment.